How To Make A Girl Like You

How to Make a Girl Like You how to make a girl like you

Learning how to make a girl like you is a tricky process. You want to be charming and appealing, but sometimes you can end up saying the wrong thing or not treating the girl right. This is why you need to make sure you are genuine and true to yourself. Pretending to be someone else will only result in a short-lived relationship.

Show interest in her personality

One way to show interest in a girl’s personality is by mimicking her. This is easy and doesn’t require sending her a long note with your likes and dislikes. Instead, introduce yourself, get to know her, and engage her in fun banter. You don’t have to be an expert on everything she does, so make it fun for her.

Introduce humour

Humour is a universal language and girls respond well to it. You can make your girl laugh by demonstrating your sense of humour. You can use the examples of Al Pacino, who demonstrates his sense of humour when he laughs. Try to find ways to make her laugh by using pop culture references and witty remarks. You can also use a sense of surprise and make her feel unpredictable.

Introduce sexuality

One of the best ways to make a girl like you is to introduce sexuality. Men can start by asking sexy questions and telling sexy stories. They can ask if she’s ever kissed another girl, where she had the most raunchy sex, and more. These questions will make her think about sex and will make her feel comfortable around you.

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