How To Make A Conference Call

How to Make a Conference Call

To start a conference call, the first person connecting to the call should click the ‘add call’ icon, which looks like a little phone with an ‘+’ symbol on it. The second person should click the’merge call’ icon, which looks like two arrows merging together. Now you should see a screen with ‘conference call’ written on it.


Dialpad is an app that allows you to make and manage conference calls, and it also features a built-in SMS reminder system. It also automatically transcribes calls in real time, and it sends an optional recording to your recipients. Users can also invite conference participants through an app, email, or SMS.

Dialpad also features a meeting moderation feature, which lets you know who’s trying to join a call, and provides mute and block features for audio conference participants. This feature prevents uninvited guests from interrupting your meeting. Additionally, you can lock your conference room and control access to it through Dialpad’s security features. Dialpad lets you create, schedule, and join unlimited video meetings, and it’s free for a trial period.

Dialpad also offers robust privacy and security features, which help keep data secure and safe. The company was founded by the same team as Google Voice, and its servers are encrypted and backed up on Google Cloud Platform. All audio and setup calls are encrypted and protected by DTLS and SRTP, which are secure protocols.

GoTo Meeting

There are many options available to you when using GoTo Meeting. For example, you can choose to dial a conference number or use a private number. In either case, you’ll need to provide microphones for each participant. In addition, you’ll want to limit the amount of time that external users can chat with you. GoTo Meeting also makes it simple to share screens with your participants, as well as incorporate high-quality video into conference calls.

You can also use GoTo Meeting to make conference calls anywhere in the world. It works with telephones and VoIP connections, and is designed for large groups. However, it is important to note that you should not use mobile or speaker phones to participate in the conference. You can also record your meeting.

To make a conference call using GoTo Meeting, you must first install the app on your computer. This is done by following the instructions on the screen. Once the app is installed, you can join a meeting. You can also access the meeting by dialing in by phone with the number that was provided in the invitation.

Skype for Business

If you’re trying to organize a conference call, Skype for Business is a great option. This software is designed to meet all of your meeting needs, including muting people and adjusting speaker volume. It also allows you to select multiple participants and send notifications. You can also turn on the webcam, reject incoming calls, or set your call status to “Do not disturb.”

You can initiate a conference call by dragging and dropping your contacts into the window. You can also enter long distance numbers using the keyboard. For international numbers, you need to enter the long distance authorization code. You can also include photos in the group. The next time you’re ready to start a conference call, you’ll be able to see who’s online and logged in.

If you need to invite more than one person to a conference call, you can use Skype for Business’s advanced group-based system to manage participants. You can create groups of attendees by typing their names in the search box, or right-clicking on the contact’s picture. Then, select the appropriate group from the list of contacts.


If you have a business that has multiple locations, you may want to consider using RingCentral’s conference calling service. This company has an affordable platform that can handle all of your communication needs. The platform allows you to make unlimited audio and video conference calls with up to 100 people. All you need is an Internet connection.

The service works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, making it easy to schedule meetings, invite participants, and manage the call settings. It also lets you make and receive conference call invitations on your tablet, laptop, or desktop. RingCentral also has mobile apps for Android and Apple phones. This gives you the flexibility to participate from wherever you are.

RingCentral’s conference calling service allows you to set up and join a conference call anywhere in the world. You can choose to join a conference call immediately or schedule it in advance. If you prefer to set up conference calls ahead of time, you can also use the RingCentral Meetings app to schedule your meetings.

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