How To Check If A Company Is Registered In Nigeria

How to Check If a Company is Registered in Nigeria

If you’re doing business in Nigeria, you must make sure that the company you’re doing business with is registered. Operating illegally can result in fines from regulatory agencies. You can use the free service offered by the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission, but there are some limitations. If you’re running a high-volume business, you’ll probably want to consider a paid service, which can provide you with the necessary information much faster.

RC Number

The first step in checking whether a company is registered in Nigeria is to obtain the RC Number of the company. You can find this number by searching the CAC website. There are several ways to find this number. By entering the RC Number or the full name of the company into the search box, you will be able to locate the company’s details. You may also be able to see other information, such as the company’s address and date of registration.

Companies in Nigeria are required to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission. The Commission is a government agency that was created under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of Nigeria. Successful registration requires the business to provide its details and pay filing fees.


Before you conduct business with a company in Nigeria, you need to know if it is registered. To do so, you can visit the website of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). There, you can type in the company’s name and RC number to find the registration status. The results will display if the company is registered, as well as its registered address and people in charge.

The Nigerian government requires that all businesses be registered with the appropriate governing body. The Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the only body that has the power to register companies and oversee the management of them. In order to avoid getting duped, you must always check to make sure that a company is registered in Nigeria.


There are several ways to check the registration status of a company in Nigeria. One can look for the RC number, the full name of the company, and its office address. The information is public and free. The only thing that you may not be able to find is information about the directors and shareholders of the company.

Checking the legal registration status of a company is vital if you’re planning to conduct business in the country. Doing business with an unregistered company is risky, and you may be exposed to regulatory fines. The Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission provides this service free of charge, but it is quite limited, especially for high-volume businesses. If you’re looking for an accurate and fast service, it’s best to opt for a paid service.


One of the easiest ways to verify if a company is registered in Nigeria is by using the bank verification number, or BVN. This 11-digit number is the same for all banks in Nigeria. It is usually given to individuals when they open their first bank account in Nigeria. If you are unsure, contact your bank to verify whether a company has a BVN.

It is a requirement for Nigerians to have a BVN. The BVN serves as an identity, which can be used for all banking transactions in the country. It also reduces the risk of fraudulent activities. Because BVN is recognized by all banks in Nigeria, BVN owners are less likely to be victims of cybercrime.

Registration status

If you are thinking of doing business in Nigeria, you must first make sure that the company is legally registered. Otherwise, you run the risk of being fined by the regulatory body. The good news is that Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission has a free service to verify company registrations. However, this service has limitations and can take up to six days to obtain. If you are planning to conduct a large volume of business, you should opt for a paid service.

One of the easiest ways to check if a company is registered is to visit the Corporate Affairs Commission’s website and conduct a search by the company’s RC number or name. This will produce a list of registered companies. These results will also have the registered address and who is in control of the company.

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