How To Change The Background Of A Picture

How to Change the Background of a Picturehow to change the background of a picture

To change the background of your picture, you can use the tools on your computer. First, open the picture file by holding the control key and right-clicking it. Then, hover over ‘Open With’ to open Preview. After previewing the picture, click on the Markup Toolbar, which has features such as color adjust, text, sketch, and selection. If you don’t have this toolbar, you can use an alternative called Instant Alpha.


Whether you’re looking for a new background for your desktop wallpaper, or you want to make a new photograph look more professional, there’s a way to do it with PhotoScissors. This desktop program has dozens of different tools, including the ability to remove background images or replace them with solid colors. With the help of these tools, you can easily change the background of any picture.

PhotoScissors is an online photo background remover. It can remove the original background of any picture, and place your subject in its place. You can choose to have the background replaced with a solid color, or manually erase it. The program’s interactive interface allows you to easily mark portions of your photo that you want to remove, and you don’t have to worry about file size limitations.

Adobe Photoshop

One of the best features of Adobe Photoshop is the ability to change a picture’s background. There are many options, including tools that can select tricky areas like hair and match colors from a different image. However, the best approach to changing the background in a photo is to create a selection that separates the foreground from the background.

Using the red, green, or blue channels, you can make the picture’s background image a new color. You can also change the image’s brightness. Make sure that the background image matches the colors of the picture. Also, don’t forget to consider perspective. Most people overlook it, but it can greatly affect the overall quality of the picture.


There are many applications that allow you to change the background of a picture, and LazPaint is one of them. It’s a free application that you can install on your computer. It supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The best part is that it can be run from the command line.

LazPaint is a desktop image editor that lets you change the background of your pictures. It’s free and open source, and it has all of the essential editing tools you need. It even allows you to change the background color or remove it completely. It comes with a step-by-step guide to help you get started.


Colorcinch is a simple to use app for changing the background of a picture. Its minimalist interface has only essential features and makes editing photos easy. Its features also include filters, overlays, and specialty effects. You can even add text and align content automatically. The app is free and offers both offline and online tools. Premium accounts offer extra features and tools.

The app has many features for changing the background of a picture, including a vignette and effects. It has a friendly interface, so you can find the tools you need with a little bit of time. Its features are similar to those found in Adobe Photoshop.

Blur Photo Background

Blur Photo & Background is a simple application that allows you to blur the background of any photo. It’s a great way to update the look of your pictures without using complicated photo editing programs. Blur Photo & Background comes with several other features to enhance your pictures, including a range of color adjustment and curve controls. It’s available for free download in the Play Store.

Blurring your photo’s background is a great way to focus attention on the subject. This technique works well in portrait photography and can be quite impressive if done correctly. Unfortunately, few photographers are willing to reveal their tricks, and learning how to make these photos can be a difficult process without a guide.


If you want to change the background of a picture, you’ve come to the right place. LightX’s backdrop feature is a powerful tool that allows you to change the background of a picture. It lets you change the background color or add a pattern to the picture. In addition, it lets you merge two pictures with similar backgrounds into one.

In the premium version, you can use the shaped-cutter tool to cut out up to 14 shapes. Another cool feature is the ability to erase and restore an image with the touch of a finger. The cutout will then be pasted over the image. You can then resize or move it, as necessary.

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