How I Became A Superhero

How I Became a Superhero how i became a superhero

How I Became a Superhero is a French superhero thriller, directed by Douglas Attal. The film is one hour and forty-one minutes long, and stars Pio Marmai, Leila Bekhti, and Vimala Pons. It is based on a novel by Gerald Bronner.

Psychiatric disorders influence people’s superpowers

“Rapping Dad” and “The Flash” are both examples of people who have superpowers, and yet, they also suffer from psychiatric disorders. The former suffered horrific abuse as a child and was abandoned at age five. As a result, he suffered from extreme anxiety and learning disabilities. He was also unable to concentrate and withdrew from reality. He was repeatedly misdiagnosed, and his self-esteem suffered.

New drug gives kids superpowers

In a Netflix movie called “Project Power”, kids get superpowers, but not from aliens, genetically modified spiders, or superpower pills. The superpowers come from a new drug. Although the movie does not tell the truth, it is an origin story of an outrageous product.

Enhanced individuals are part of everyday Parisian life

Enhanced individuals have become part of Parisian life and are part of the everyday landscape. They are omnipresent, and some are less public than others. Some, such as the super-strong “Tonic Girl,” sell salad kits on TV and others fight crime in masks. The story follows the lives of these people, who are sometimes exploited for their superpowers.

Film’s parallels to our world

The superhero genre is a popular one, but this doesn’t mean the genre doesn’t have some parallels to our own world. The film ‘Wonder Park’, for example, takes place in Paris in the year 2020, and the world’s inhabitants are either born with superpowers or aren’t. It’s an alternate reality resembling the world in Pixar’s hit ‘The Incredibles’, but one that accepts the many people with superpowers.


Netflix’s new original series “How I Became a Superhero” is an exploration of how we develop our superpowers. It explores the lives of four people who are enhanced with special abilities. These people are part of Parisian society, but there are nefarious elements who seek to manufacture these superpowers and sell them to ordinary people. In the process, the enhanced people suffer physical harm. A detective with an eccentric outlook on life is brought in to investigate.

“How I Became a Superhero” is an entertaining and well-made film about the complexities of superheroes. The movie is fun and satirical, but the underlying message is a bit dark and disturbing. It shows how a superhero may be viewed in modern Paris. In Paris, superheroes are more likely to be seen on television and solve crime. The film’s wry comedy is a pleasant surprise in a typically grim genre-based film.


How I Became a Superhero is a delightful, above-average superhero film. The movie has some disturbing and satirical elements, but it is mostly a light-hearted adventure tale. It portrays the life of a modern-day Parisian superhero, who is less likely to be the one saving the city from a crime than to get a television show. While the film has a lot of fun with its zany characters, there are some genuinely sad moments as well.

While How I Became a Superhero doesn’t have perfect storytelling or an excellent cast, there are some solid performances. Pivo Marmai’s character, Moreau, is a pleasant blank at the center of the film, but comes to life when he gets to play with unconventional investigative methods. Both Pivo Marmai and Vimala Pons play their opposite personalities well, which adds to the comedy and supports the film’s other strengths.

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